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HLR Returns!

Big news!

I am pleased to announce that HLR finally returns after a one-year hiatus! Shop now and use coupon code WELCOMEBACK for $5 off your first order!

I’d like to take a moment to answer some questions you might have:

Q: Why are you re-opening HLR now?

A: Many of you had told me how things just weren’t the same without my reeds. As a private teacher myself, I understand the difficulty of finding reeds for advanced students for big performances. I was offering an important service to the oboists of Canada. After a year of learning and refining, I believe it is the right time to re-open.

Q: Why are you no longer selling student and beginner reeds?

A: In practice, making student and beginner reeds involved taking calculated compromises. Selecting weaker, less vibrant cane in the hope of making a decent student reed leads to a lot wasted time. I find this to be detrimental to my professional workflow.

This becomes problematic when you factor in the high quality control that my reeds were known for. To me, student reeds are by definition a compromised product. Conversely, I find it is much more efficient to always select for only the best cane as this maximizes overall throughput.

Q: Why do your reeds cost more now?

HLR is re-opening as a quality-first vendor. I sell only one brand of reed, made with the same criteria and quality that I use in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. In particular, cane selection is now much stricter. As a result, they’re simply more expensive to make now.

Just as important: the reeds also play much better! I am now a full-time member of a professional orchestra, and this has pushed me to find many improvements:

  • Better stability throughout all registers
  • Easier response, especially in the low register
  • More resistance for better phrase-leading, while still maintaining the signature HLR ease-of-play
  • Significant improvement in longevity
  • More full-bodied vibration, with greater depth of sound in the low register

I look forward to serving you with reeds that make you confident and happy with your oboe playing!

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